Fire and Stars Holidays are based on a 17 acre small-holding in west Wales.

Seven miles from Cardigan and near the village of Beulah the farm is ideally situated away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Fire and Stars Holidays is run by Kelvin and Xochi Frost.

“My husband an I are passionate about holistic living. We love to create habitats and to work with nature to create beautiful wild and natural spaces.

We have gypsy caravans, a stone barn, a dairy and a bakery in a nearby village. Visitors are welcome to stay in any of them.

On the farm here we have all sorts of animals, ducks, geese, chickens and dogs. As well as the horses of course. There’s a river at the bottom of the farm and a small reservoir at the top so there’s always water.

I am inspired by the rugged coastline and the natural beauty and tranquility of where I have chosen to live.

We have a vegetable garden and the rest of the land is open for walks and relaxation. If you come and stay you will enjoy our fresh eggs and summer berries.”

Why Fire and Stars?

Sitting out in the summer evenings is wonderful here in west Wales. We have no street lighting glare and the sky becomes very dark once the sun sets. So sitting round the campfire one evening we had the bright idea of calling the business ‘Fire and Stars Holidays’. We just thought it perfectly summed up our idea. Having relaxing countryside walks and days on the beach followed by magical evenings round the camp fire. And on clear nights gazing up at the stars.

Sometimes its nice to sit and contemplate

Sometimes its nice to just sit and contemplate beside one of the trees here.

Room for everyone.

Occasionally there are a few families staying at the same time but there is enough space that no-one feels disturbed by their neighbours at all.

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